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Welcome to the Inchworm's Program!

Infant and Toddler Child Care (six weeks to 24 months)

Let the growing begin! Our commitment to early learning and education begins in our infant and toddler program. This loving program goes beyond just caring for just your baby’s basic needs.   In this first two years of life, your child will learn to roll over, sit up, crawl, take their first steps, and walk.
Our caring and devoted teachers understand that young children discover their world through exploration while using their developing senses - touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.  While planning, our teachers refence materials produced my Maryland State Department of Eduction to ensure a program that meets the social and cognitive needs for each stage of development.  Our program provides opporturnies for our learners to explore, experiment, imitate, and play on a daily basis.
Where Kids Grow Happy Daycare sets broad goals for the infant/todder child in general and then targeted goals are set for each individual child.  But, in general, our teachers strive to foster children's abiltiy to:
  • Create  positive relationships/ attachments
  • Expose the children to a variety of daily activities
  • Plan tasks that begin to build short attention spans
  • Exercise both large and small muscles of the body
  • Stimulate and encourage progression from one development level to the next
Where Kids Grow Happy Daycare teachers are constantly assessing our babies to make sure they are on track developmentally.  Once a year, along with your child's birthdate parents will receive a report from our teacher that communicates the development of their child.



Teamwork Is a Key Value In Our Program


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