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Welcome to our Preschool Program!

Preschool Child Care (2 - 5 years)

This program offers two educational playrooms; The Caterpillar's playroom for our 2 year old students and the Busy Bee's playroom for our students 3 - 5 years old.  These bright and cheerful rooms are stocked with lots of fun developmentally appropriate toys that supplement our play –based approach to learning.

Both programs allow your child to develop strategies and form relationships that help them create a world that makes sense.  Through play, children learn how to share, to negotiate, to collaborate, and how other people feel; they formulate, test and revise theories about their world.

Our dedicated teachers use student interest to plan theme - based units that provides time for both "free - play" and "play with a purpose" (teacher directed play).  We incorporate standards from The Creative Curriculum for Preschool and Maryland State Standards for Pre - K to help guide our program goals.


Where Kids Grow Happy Daycare sets broad goals for the preschool child in general and then targeted goals are set for each individual child.  But, in general, our teachers strive to foster children's ability to:

  • Demonstrate positive relationships
  • Create positive relationships
  • Foster creativity in art, music, language, and thinking (we are process, not product oriented)
  • Exercise both large and small muscles of the body
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of early reading and writing behaviors
  • Explore and use basic mathematic concepts


Where Kids Grow Happy Daycare teachers are constantly assessing our young learners to make sure they are on track developmentally.  Twice a year parents will receive a report from our teachers that communicates the development and school - readiness behaviors of their child.

Your Preschool Choice Does Make a Difference


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